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Wendy Wu Tours is an award winning tour operator and the UK's leading Asia tour specialist, offering fully inclusive, escorted trips to China, Vietnam, Japan and more. I was brought in to help manage the design and production of the 2020/21 brochure set, as well as the development of a new marketing style for the company to coincide with brochure launch. There are 6 brochures in the set, each following a distinctive house style, offering unique pull-outs that give customers a feel for the tour offering and the experiences that they will enjoy on their tours.

Points of Design Interest

  • Redesigned spreads with an emphasis on hero imagery that 'makes customers want to immediately transport themselves to these destinations'. With collaboration from the digital marketing and product team, emphasis was given to spotlighting iconic destinations and animals on covers and hero images to highlight how customers can Experience the Extraordinary on every trip.
  • Each brochure has a new section for every tour that highlights Experiences that You'll Enjoy. These are highlights unique to the Wendy Wu tour that the product team want to spotlight for customers.
  • Redesigned maps that follow a more cohesive style format, with iconography that allows customers to better understand the transport elements included on their tour.
  • Newly designed tour style colours, with a contents page and pagination that provides easier navigation through the brochures and improved understanding of the different tour types available.
  • Redesigned Tailormade sections to give customers a taste of the step-by-step customisation and personalisation that is on offer if they select this premium option from Wendy Wu Tours.

Wendy Wu Tours
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