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United Response is a top 100 charity committed to making life better for young people and adults with learning disabilities, autism and mental health needs. We refreshed the United Response visual identity, reasserting and amplifying the brand’s visual expression. The project sought to rejuvenate the existing tick logo and derive a typographic language that would provide a more confident expression of the brand. The work was initiated to improve brand recognition, an important requirement for the charity's growth.

One of the primary goals was to reinvigorate the brand identity and optimise its performance across various platforms, and bring visual continuity across geographic regions. United Response provides services across the UK. As the brand has developed, it has merged with different service providers across the country and expanded into different care sectors. This lead to a dilution of the overall brand as different parties applied different aesthetics to the brand and in so doing reduced its overall continuity. The new visual identity and guidelines bring strength, simplicity, and rigour to the brand, extending a cohesive look and voice to United Response services and its people.

The visual identity celebrates the remarkable makeup of the charity in a smart and stylish way. The logo's new roundel is designed to prevent the logotype from being displayed on random backgrounds as had often been the case previously. A white background aims to improve readability and gives local designers much more versatility for their design layouts. The roundel itself also demonstrates the importance of community, with its shape representing the people that United Response supports as well as its vital staff.

We worked closely on the project with different devisions and sectors in the charity. The challenge was to strengthen the brand, but at the same time provide flexibility so that designs didn't risk appearing too generic. Local devisions wanted to retain flexibility so that they could add their own personality and flavour to their promotional materials. Four different versions of the roundel and colour palettes were developed to give different sectors (such as fundraising) an individualised look and feel.

In addition, a new collage style was developed to give publications a much more personal and vibrant feel. Case studies and articles had a history of only showing poor quality images of the people that the charity supported. The new format allows for better visual representation with cut-out elements supporting the stories and allowing for better quality stock imagery to be sourced. This also allowed us to more easily comply with changes to GDPR as group shots could be easily edited to remove people or persons that no longer wanted to be featured in the charity's publications.

The identity preserves and enhances the classic blue logo, bringing it up-to-date with a more clearly defined flat colour palette and a refreshed typographic style. Both colour and type were examined across the organisation for ease of readably and cognitive delivery, with designs being developed with the charity's core disability groups and audience in mind. Easy-to-follow branding guidelines, templates and videos were created to improve the brand's uptake cross the country, with localised sub-brands being redesigned and updated during a pre-planned second phase. Throughout the branding, the use of white space allows elements to breathe and helps the brand feel open and accessible, and sets off the new colour palette of bright blue and deep blue. In conjunction, the comms team also worked on brand messaging to develop a cohesive voice for brand expressions moving forward.

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