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TVF Digital & Online PP are sub-brands of TVF Media. In 2014 I was asked to redesign their corporate branding to give them a more energetic and modern feel. TVF Digital specialises in design and digital marketing, with OPP working in film and post production.

I introduced a pattern design that provided the backbone to both designs, creating the fill element for each logo in blue and red respectively. It had a subtle link to the smashed glass design of the TVF Media identity (see here) and can be used to house video and design montages.

The form of the TVF Digital logo pays homage to the typography of the TVF Media branding, adding curved edges to give the new brand a younger, more playful feel. The form of the Online PP logo highlights the name's acronym (OPP) and utilises the same rounded typeface choice as the Digital logo.

TVF Digital
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