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Hunter IT is a platform developed by Shire to help young patients with Hunter Syndrome to understand their condition and possible treatment. The IT acronym links to the treatment with Elaprase® itself.

Hunter syndrome is a rare, inherited metabolic disorder that mainly affects young males, so the branding needed to be very youthful in its outlook. For this reason, I created a fun transformer style character with the logo. The IT in the brand's name transforms into the icon of a child, which is then used to personalise the treatment process in printed materials. The initial concept came from playing with a paper clip idea and how you can bend it to create different shapes. This idea was then developed to create other elements for the brand, including pull-out text boxes, photographic frames and case study elements.

Typographic choices linked into this idea too and are purposefully soft and easy to read, allowing for materials to communicate clearly with their audiences. All of the elements aim to highlight the patient centred nature of the program.

There are two different colour palettes linked to this brand. There's a patient facing version that uses primary colours for a playful feel and an HCP version that uses the brand's primary blue and grey as its main accent colours.

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Branding and Style Guidelines

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