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Blockchain Oxford


Blockchain Oxford is a blockchain trading platform that approached me to design their corporate identity. We wanted to incorporate block and link elements in the design, but steer away from overused clichés and use of the colour blue.

The Blockchain icon is essentially made up of four panels, creating a box/block. The company has four founding members, so each side of the block represents their part in its formation. The angle of the panels’ arrangement is also chosen to mimic the outline of an upper-case B & C. It is outlined to visualise the idea of chain linkages and has changing colours to represent the fluidity of blockchain markets.

The Blockchain Logotype is designed to appear strong and sturdy, with upper-case lettering and an angular typeface. This sturdiness represents financial safety for investors with Blockchain Oxford. The ‘x’ in Oxford is cut in the centre to give a further nod to the four panels/founding members coming together to create the firm. Oxford extends to the midpoint of Blockchain to equally split the word in two. This also allows the logo to be used in a portrait format. See following page.

Blockchain Oxford
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