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Branding, Branding Guidelines and Patient Booklets

This is an example of the type of materials that I create for pharma clients. For this project I created a branded product logo, a set of linked branding guidelines and an range of patient care booklets for the drug Afinitor®. Afinity is a patient care brand that provides support for patients on treatment with Afinitor®. The brand needed to have a very strong link to the Afinitor® brand (hence the single 'f' in the spelling of Afinity), but at the same time have a softer patient friendly slant.

This was achieved with the selection of a logotype that mirrored the Afinitor® brand, but with softer edges. A colour palette was also chosen to represent three major treatment groups to give each set of materials a distinctive voice that would improve recognition. These colours were selected to contrast well with the two primary colours (red and yellow) that were adopted from the Afitior® brand. Distinctive illustrations and icons were subsequently designed in a branded style, to develop a cohesive and consistent voice.

Medical Comms
Branding, Guidelines and Patient Materials (care and diary booklets)

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Typographic choices for clear messagingProject image

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